Which Curtains To Install For A Window With A Radiator?

by Muhammad Inam Ul Haq

You want to equip the living room or bedroom window with curtains to preserve your privacy; yes but here it is, the radiator being placed under the window, it will be necessary to reckon with the heat of this one. What to do in this case, so as not to risk blocking the heat behind the curtains, at the risk of diffusing it badly in the room, or worse, causing a fire? Here are our tips for choosing your curtains for a window with a radiator.

Curtain Length In The Case Of A Radiator

When you have to deal with a radiator under the window, you often wonder what to do: long curtains, to the floor? Or short curtains, stopping above the radiator?

Short Curtains, Above The Radiator

 To be completely reasonable, it would be more advisable to opt for shortened curtains. You can pull them off without asking yourself any questions, especially when you are changing, or to feel really peaceful at home in the evening; the curtains do not touch the radiator at all, the two are independent of each other.

Is responsible for making curtains to the right size, thanks to its specialty which is tailor-made. Your particular case will be studied as a unique case, and you will receive, after having chosen your favorite fabric online and indicated your particular dimensions, your pair of special radiator curtains, designed in by experienced seamstresses, within about fifteen days. For the measurements, it’s very simple: first measure the rod without the end caps (the width of the fabric panels will be deduced automatically, according to the known scales of fabric amplitude necessary for a nice rendering), then the height from the top of the rod to the desired location for the bottom, i.e. a few centimeters above the radiator (this may coincide with the bottom of the window frame).

Long Curtains, Covering The Radiator

 We know that some of you will be reluctant to hang curtains that don’t go all the way to the floor. If this is your case, solutions exist, which you must absolutely seize, keeping in mind that the risk of fire is proven if you store heat behind a fabric, with little air circulation.

With a flame retardant fabric (M1 certified), you can be sure that your curtains will not ignite on contact with the heat source. These technical fabrics, which professionals are fond of (interior designers or decorators working on places intended to receive the public and therefore subject to strict rules), have as many aesthetic attractions as others. You will find in the category of non-fire fabrics perfectly united fabrics, semi-plain (up close, we can distinguish a two-tone effect linked to the weave of the weaving which uses two different colored threads), patterned fabrics, or even curtains. The variety of colors (neutral, bright, bright or dark) ensures that you find the ideal shade for all projects.

Heavy fabrics may be chosen if the curtains are mostly left open. If the curtains are intended to be kept closed often, or for a long time, it is better to use a thin fabric or in any case ventilated (looser weaving or openwork fabric), so that the heat from the radiator can pass through and spread.

A tip for detaching long curtains from the radiator  : install shelves on the radiator. In wood or even marble, they bring a plus in terms of practice (you can temporarily put your cup of tea there for example), a nice finish, and keep the curtain fabric at a distance in the closed position: it’s all good ! Radiator shelf supports (or radiator brackets) are sold for the installation of these shelves.

To Conclude

If the curtains ending a few centimeters higher than the radiator represent a logical and reasonable solution to equip a window with a radiator with curtains, the avid amateurs of curtains shaving the ground or developing on it for even more length, will also find , thanks to fire-retardant fabrics in particular, great alternatives.

Finally, an alternative to curtains is also to be considered above a radiator: (these are those which form large flat folds when they are raised) that can be adjusted as desired in relation to the radiator thanks to cord or chain. Plain, patterned, cotton, linen, jacquard, they are also customizable to best match your interior, in terms of style and size.

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