What Is Mental Illness?

by Muhammad Inam Ul Haq

The psychiatric disease is a series of illnesses. In thoughts, emotions, and/or behavior that reflect a biological, psychological, or developmental disorder of mental functions. Mental illness necessarily leads to distress for the individual and / or difficulty at work or in social relationships.

Research indicates that mental illnesses are caused by the interplay between biological, genetic, psychological, and social factors that lead to disturbances in the brain. Each individual’s vulnerability is different, but mental illness can develop in anyone if sufficient risk factors are present.

It’s Not:

  • A normal reaction to an unfortunate event, such as a romantic breakup, A loved one’s death, or the loss of a career.
  • The normal reaction to a stressful, albeit positive, situation, such as a promotion at work or moving.
  • A moral weakness.
  • I am deviating religious, political, or sexual behavior such as religious radicalization, support for a dissenting political party, or marginal sexual preferences.
  • A conflict between the values ​​of a company and the behavior of an individual, such as for example, fraud, theft, or assault.
  • An excuse to commit an illegal act.


There are three kinds of treatment in general for mental illness: lifestyle modifications, psychotherapy, and medication. Some diseases will respond better to one treatment modality than another. For example, psychotic disorders generally require medication, while personality disorders respond more to psychotherapy, and anxiety disorders will be best treated with a combination of lifestyle changes, psychotherapy, and medication.

What Can I Do?

Certain factors are protective and reduce the risk of developing mental illness and the severity of symptoms:

  • A balanced rhythm of life with time to work, to maintain friendships, to rest, and to sleep.
  • Daily workout, three days a week at least
  • Moderation in the consumption of alcohol and caffeine

What Is Mental Health?

Mental wellbeing is a wellbeing condition in which an individual can realize their own potential and cope with normal life situations and the stress they generate. In particular, a person in good mental health can contribute to their community and work productively. Mental health is, therefore, a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing and is not simply the absence of mental disorders.

Good mental health enables individuals to:

  • Realize their full potential;
  • Face the stresses of life;
  • Work productively;
  • Make meaningful contributions to their communities;

There are many in order to preserve healthy mental health ways:

  • Have positive and meaningful connections with other people;
  • Be physically active;
  • Help others;
  • Get enough sleep;
  • Have a healthy diet;
  • Develop coping and stress management skills;
  • To laugh;
  • Take the time to do fun activities;
  • Get professional help if needed;

It is normal for the quality of our mental health to fluctuate throughout life. Feeling more depressed in the winter or being distressed following a breakup are normal and healthy fluctuations in mental health. When an individual faces such difficulties or experiences stress that exceeds their coping skills, they can develop a mental health disorder.

The adaptive capacities are determined by biological, psychological factors, and social that can vary over time. Some conditions of mental health are induced by a greater number of biological factors, such as schizophrenia. But the majority of mental health disorders are caused by a combination of the three types of factors that reduce an individual’s ability to adapt when they are going through a particularly difficult time.

The development of a mental health problem is, therefore, an unfortunate combination of circumstances that combines biological, psychological, and social factors with a favorable context namely increased stress and reduced coping skills.

Fortunately, it is possible to reduce stress and work on increasing coping skills so that a person can regain better mental health.

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