The Selfie, Why Do We Love It?

by Muhammad Inam Ul Haq

Photographic must of the moment, the ultimate point of our girly moments, the selfie has become a star of the Facebook era. Funny analysis of an almost sociological fashion phenomenon.

That’s it; it’s time to draw. To your smarts, get set, click! Until a triumphant pose follows and generates at least 80 likes when posted on the glamourization wall. Apart from being taken the other way around, what makes a selfie different from a classic photo? Many things.

This Is The Sign That We Are Having Fun

Alone or in a group, the moment is worthy of interest. Of course, we are thoroughly surfing the subjectivity of yet another makeup session, an umpteenth coffee with your best friend, or an umpteenth skirt bought at a private sale. But it’s like that! For another, it will be the Casa / Tangier trip, the salsa class, the hair coloring in progress. Each has its journey for a unique message: “I like my life right away, the proof in images of which I still choose the timing.” This stratification of oneself and one’s inner circle has it all.

It’s Trendy

We are here, but our phones, our facial expressions, our filters, our vibes are more or less the same. The selfie has become the sign of recognition between members of the same “tribe,” that of the cool kids. Funny people, people who throw it out when they’re in public. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?

We Are Still A Little 16 Years Old

Us, our group of friends, the duke face, the close-ups, the unusual situations, the jargon used to comment on the freshly posted photo. “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Kurt Cobain would have said rightly. The selfie is to our decade what the scoubidou was to the eighties. A young and fun concept gradually picked up by quinquas, the fifties, and even sexes!

We Gradually Disinhibit

A touch of kohl, a bit of the shoulder, curves, thinness, nude, sometimes zero makeup. Some selfies arise in mini-revolution. Because you may not want to play beauty queens sometimes and want to assume yourself as you are. Simply…

And Then, In The End, Where Is The Harm?

No need to accuse people of being selfish or psychopathic because they have subscribed to this fashion. Okay, it feels weird to suspend a conversation and shoot yourself in public, with your mouth down, but frankly, there is a worse crime.   Come on; you can move around …

The Parade

Have you tried but without convincing results? Up close, your head does not come back to you? Does that sound ridiculous to you? Don’t force yourself; this is a fad, not a biblical commandment. Find your thing: pieces of landscape, your feet, an offbeat decoration to freeze for eternity, and sublimate in vintage colors. Dig into it; you too have an exciting life, you don’t know it…

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