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Stolen Car, What To Do?

It is not uncommon to get up one morning and find that our car is no longer there! Auto theft has been practiced since the dawn of time, and the increase in auto theft continues to grow. In this case, no need to panic, be responsive, and take the right steps at the right time.

Car Theft: What Are The Steps To Take?

A complaint must be filed within 24 hours after the car theft.

The receipt for the declaration is to be kept and will be presented to your insurer later. Filing a complaint allows a possible search to be initiated (taking the thief’s fingerprints by the police). This allows the owner to release his responsibility if the stolen car causes an accident or another.

The auto insurance declaration must be made 48 hours after the incident.

It is advisable to notify the company via telephone assistance as soon as possible. Besides, aid will guide you through the process.

After reporting to auto insurance, send or file the receipt for the complaint.

A declaration within 24 hours must also be made to file an opposition with the registration service.

Theft Of Car And Vehicle Found Before 30 Days

In the case of cars found within 30 days of the theft, the owner must recover the vehicle regardless of its condition.

For damage associated with theft: damage to bodywork, engine, etc., the insurance will pay, in principle, the amount of the repairs, within the limit of the value defined in the contract and taking into account any excess. Third-party warranties cover less than all risk contracts.

Whatever the type of contract, a deductible will be payable by auto insurance.

Car Theft And Vehicle Found After 30 Days

When the car is found after the thirty days, its owner can choose either:

  • To keep the compensation previously paid by the automobile insurance ( the car, in this case, is returned to the insurance ).
  • To keep the vehicle found and to return the compensation received by the automobile insurance

Car Theft And Vehicle Not Found

If the car cannot be seen after 31 days, the auto insurer will compensate the owner. In exchange for this compensation, the owner of the vehicle must provide the vehicle keys and the registration card.

The sum payable to the owner of the car will depend on the value estimated by the expert and the guarantees of the auto insurance contract.

It is essential to provide the latest invoices for repairs made to the vehicle to maximize the chances of obtaining reasonable compensation.

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