8 Tips for Long and Thick Eyelashes!

by Muhammad Inam Ul Haq

Ah, the eyelashes … Our eyelashes which make the charm of our eyes, we love them, we make them up to lengthen them, but did you know that they are as fragile as your skin or your hair?

It is, therefore, essential to take care of it daily! How are you going to tell me? We’ll be careful, today I am giving you 8 tips to take care of your eyelashes and thus obtain an irresistible look.

1 – Eat a Varied and Healthy Diet

Indeed, as with your hair, the quality of your diet has an impact on the beauty and strength of your eyelashes. So remember to consume a variety of quality products and avo; today, that is too fatty and too sweet. Eat fruits and vegetables, but also dried fruits, nuts, not to mention avocados!

2 – Correctly Remove Make-Up from Your Eyelashes

To do this, you have to choose gentle make-up removers which will certainly clean your eyelashes, but especially to nourish and soothe them. Preferably, choose a two-phase, half water – half oil formula. This type of formula will allow you to remove all traces of make-up without having to rub and lose eyelashes… For that, you just need to shake the bottle and soak two cotton pads. Then, place the cotton on each eye, wait for the product to take effect, and gently slide the cotton! Thus, your eyelashes will be gently cleansed.

3 – Daily Brushing

Daily brushing of natural eyelashes is a great practice for keeping them healthy and promoting their growth. Get a specific eyelash brush and always style them from the bottom up, starting from the root to the end. So your eyelashes will be more flexible and, therefore, more beautiful.

4 – Hydrate Your Eyelashes

Yep, you hydrate your skin, your face, your hair, and you shouldn’t forget your eyelashes because they too need to be hydrated and nourished every day if you want them to become long and strong. To do this, all you need to do is apply your treatment every evening using a cotton swab or your eyelash brush in very gentle movements.

The list of products you can use is wide, but the star treatment is organic castor oil!

You can also use olive oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, and even chamomile tea.

Your eyelashes are fuller and more resistant!

5 – Choose Your Mascara Correctly

And it’s not that simple, some would say a mascara, it’s a mascara that’s all! Nay! Because to take care of your eyelashes and their natural side, it is super mega important to choose a good mascara to make up your eyes, because some beauty product breaks the eyelashes in the long run. But how do you find it? Well, it’s easy to look at their compositions. The best mascaras contain natural extracts or substances like collagen and elastin, a perfect formula to boost their growth with every application.

In addition, you must determine before nature of your eyelashes and adapt your choice according to what you are looking for. Voluminous, hypoallergenic, lengthening … Target your needs as well as possible to respect your precious eyelashes. But above all, yes, above all, we avoid Waterproof mascara, which weighs down the eyelashes and is difficult to remove!

6 – Use the Eyelash Curler Exceptionally

Because using the eyelash curler certainly allows you to have longer eyelashes and a pretty curved shape that will enhance your look, but you still have to know how to use it correctly … In fact, following improper use, you will risk breaking your eyelashes. Moreover, it can only be used on healthy eyelashes. So reserve the eyelash curler for special occasions. Anyway, mascaras are already doing their job well.

7 – Pay Attention to the Sun

Why? Quite simply because the eyelashes are also affected by UV rays, so it is not advisable to expose yourself too much to the sun because they will become drier and brittle. So wear your sunglasses well, because it will protect your eyes but also your eyelashes.

8 – Let Your Eyelashes Blow Once A Week

How? ‘Or’ What? By allowing yourself a day without mascara, naturally. So your eyelashes breathe, and it feels good to them!

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